Personalised Sales Video Maker | Engagement tool

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Blue Box Elephant

Find Record Share Engage EASILY

Blue Box Elephant enables sales reps to find their company’s digital content easily and share it quickly with personalised videos
to reach more efficiently prospects. 

We understand Sales reps time is precious so we built the tool
in such a way you
wont need to create an account or even login

Blue Box is the perfect tool for your ABM campaigns


From Marketers, Sales reps to Product Managers, everybody in your company can add content to enrich your own search page.

You can add one or more
administrators in your approval process .


Find all your company’s digital content in one single place.



 with Personalised videos

Start sharing the right content to the right prospects by introducing it with a short personalised video.

Voicemail option is also available


It takes less than 2 min
to record and share!

Prospect’s view from a PC:

Personalised Sales Video Maker | Engagement tool

This is how your prospects will receive it by email from their mobile phones:

No equipment needed

Weekly Engagement Report

Do not miss an opportunity to engage with prospects 
who watched your video and/or clicked your asset.

Receive an easy and simple
weekly engagement report with those stats.


You have a list of assets into an excel doc? 

Upload it easily to increase your database 

in your Blue Box search engine.


BlueBoxElephant is fully responsive.


This is the simplest way to find out
how easy and useful Blue Box Elephant
can be for your company


Blue Box Elephant

Find Record Share Engage EASILY

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